2005 Greenlights

(Wall Street Journal) 2005-12-27 Dumbass [Main] Ted Kennedy apologizes for citing fake story about nonexistent library list spying. Just kidding. Actually, he took a page from the Rathergate “fake but accurate” playbook (396)
(Some Guy) 2005-12-23 Spiffy [Main] “That’s the best spot you know, if you’re going to have a knife in your head” (76)
(NewsBusters) 2005-12-22 Obvious [Main] New York Times, 1982: “Federal court ruled it’s OK to tap phone calls between American citizens and foreign nationals.” New York Times, 2005: “BUSH IS A CRIMINAL” (1041)
(MoveOn.org) 2005-11-29 Stupid [Main] Moveon.org commercial about American soldiers stuck in Iraq over Thanksgiving has great photos — of British soldiers