Welcome to the Doghouse!

LiveDog Productions is the home of CSS/HTML/UI/usability/almost everything else web junkie Greg Hartman.

Starting in 1994, I've done everything you can do online that's legal and/or moral: Writing; building, troubleshooting, breaking, fixing, upgrading and redesigning sites; graphic design; blogging; social networking; project management; e-com; content management systems; training — you name it. I've worked on huge, enterprise-level sites, tiny small-business sites and everything in between.

Ever looked enviously at a really good website and wished you could afford to present your customers and clients that kind of world-class online experience? You can!

A quality site doesn't have to be loaded with gimmicks that will be obsolete by next year — the basics remain the basics, even in the fast-changing online world, and a little craftsmanship, attention to detail and experience can do a lot more for you than expensive bells and whistles your customers never asked for.

What Can I Do for You?

Contact me and find out. Let's get started on your world-class online experience!