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Tons of experience writing ad copy, articles, features, Web content—you name it! I've also edited everything from books to blogs to articles to magazines. Separate writing portfolio and samples available.

Web development:

My bread and butter! I've developed everything from enterprise-scale sites down to marketing microsites and everything in between. Check out the portfolio!


I'm more than a little obsessed with CSS—I absolutely love building responsive sites with lean, mean and super-clean CSS!

Usability/User interface expertise:

I'm a big believer in usability—if you build a beautiful site but none of your users can figure out how to use it, it's broken! I've done extensive training with the Nielsen/Norman Group, and I've always drawn a line between good solid usability and designs fads and gimmicks that come and go. Gimmicks die fast; usability lasts.

Content management systems:

I've worked with dozens of content management and CDN tools, including Sitecore, Ektron, Tridion, SuperSite, Jive, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Visual Studio/TFS, Brightspot, Brightcove, Wiki, Blogger, TypePad and more.

Cross-team communication:

I'm a "creative coder," meaning I've often worked as a liaison between engineering/development groups and design/editorial groups, even if it's not my formal job description. Designers and engineers two radically different types of people—both talented, skilled and creative—yet they so often find it difficult to communicate. I can bridge that gap; editors, designers and engineers can and should pull together rather than clash.