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The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters was one of the most amazing projects I've ever contributed to! The inimitable Andy Serkis doing the voice of the senior demon for the audio drama made it a surefire hit, and I helped back him up on this marketing site along with some of the best designers and editors I've ever worked with.

The site's tagline—"The audio drama the devil doesn't want you to hear"—gave us carte blanche to break a lot of rules and hide lots of fun surprises here and there. (I'm especially fond of the site's 404 page myself! 1 )

(Note: The marketing site is still online, although the Twitter and Facebook feeds, along with most of the video and sound clips, aren't working anymore. I linked to the videos on YouTube for my portfolio mockup; I also had to substitute the Smudger LT title font we used, as I don't have a license to use it for this.)

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1.  If you really want to have fun with the 404 page, mute your sound once you get sick of the noise, then disable stylesheets in your browser so you can read the microscopic text!